disperse [dɪ'spɜːs] [dɪ'spɝs]

disperse 基本解释



Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd..警察用催泪瓦斯驱散人群。


(使)分散;驱散英释vvif a group of people disperse or are dispersed, they go away in different directions

disperse 例子解释

We all enjoy our freedom of choice and do not like to see it______ when it is within the legal and moral boundaries of society.句意: 我们都享有自由选择的权利, 不希望看到它在社会的法律和道德范围内还受到限制。compact: 压紧, 紧凑; delay: 推迟。214delayed

disperse 短语

disperse dye,分散染料.短语

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