distort [dɪ'stɔːt] [dɪ'stɔrt]

distort 基本解释



His account was badly distorted by the press..他的话被报界严重歪曲。


歪曲,曲解;扭曲英释vvto report something in a way that is not completely true or correct

distort 例子解释

Philosophers believe that desire, hatred and envy are “negative emotions” which ______ the mind and lead it into a pursuit of power and possessions.distort: 扭曲。句意: 哲学家们相信欲望、 仇恨和嫉妒是使人心灵扭曲并追求权力和财富的消极情感。reinforce: 加强; exert: 尽力; scramble: 攀登。114scramble

distort 真题例题

真题例句...but we should not allow these extreme cases to distort our view of most young people...第一套CET62016.6阅读理解

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