indulge [ɪn'dʌldʒ] [ɪn'dʌldʒ]

indulge 基本解释



He returned to Britain so that he could indulge his passion for football....他重返英国,为的是可以尽情释放自己对足球的激情。


放纵(感情),纵情英释vvto allow yourself to have or do sth that you like, especially sth that is considered bad for you

indulge 例子解释

On weekends my grandma usually ______ a glass of wine.句意: 我的祖母在周末常常会畅饮一杯。subscribe to: 订阅; engage in: 从事, 忙于; hang on: 紧握不放; 坚持下去。414indulges in

indulge 短语

indulge in,vt. 沉湎于,沉溺于.短语

indulge 真题例题

真题例句...should not indulge themselves in computer games...CET62010.6文本题

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